Google Speed Geeking Finalist

planOfile "has been chosen by a panel of our Google Engineers - including one of the Google Maps Founders, Lars Rasmussen, to be in our final 6!"

Even though the planOfile trip collaboration system was far from finished, it was selected by Google as a Speed Geeking Finalist to be demonstrated at Google's Developer Day in Sydney, May 2007.

This meant I was busy talking to developers and demonstrating the planOfile trip collaboration system on a large screen during the breaks between Google's presentations. In particular, showing the value of allowing users to collaborate on a single map, as well as showing the usefulness of time-based location information on these maps; especially with tracking past, current and future resource locations.

There was interest from some people about the integration of a Java applet to Google Maps. planOfile runs as an application on the desktop as well as in the browser, so Java seemed to be a good choice. Some core functionality is shared with Earth, a 3D applet, thus making better reuse of planOfile modules instead of rewriting the same functionality in different languages.