planOfile reads and writes the common GPX data file format. GPX files can be used by many other programs for manipulating and displaying GPS data, as well as uploading and downloading the data to many different GPS's.

GPSBabel is a program that runs on most computers and provides functionality to convert between GPX and many other different GPS file formats. It also uploads and downloads GPS data to a large number of GPS's.

So by saving planOfile trip data as a GPX file, users should be able to use GPSBabel to upload the routes and waypoints to their GPS. They should also be able to download track points, waypoints and routes from their GPS to the GPX file format using GPSBabel. Then they can load this information into planOfile.

If GPSBabel does not communicate with your GPS, use GPSBabel to convert the GPX file to a different format. For example, the free version of OziExplorer communicates with a wide range of GPS's and uses a file format which GPSBabel can understand.